Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What holds your creativity back?

There are playful and fun elements to creativity but creativity needs to be worked at too. So let’s talk about the work first. We need to work towards the things that we want to do or desire in life; making effort and persevering is important. For example I have been going for guitar lessons to improve my skills as a guitar player and song writer. It is easy to lie in bed imagining the melodies and rhythms but it is quite another thing to go out there and get the hard earned skills. It takes lots of practice and strengthening exercises to play what you hear fluently. And the same is true about any other art form too.  Go out there and find different avenues for your creativity. Go for lessons and then practice. Practice. Practice. Go beyond what you thought you could push yourself. You need determination and persistence. You need time and patience.   

Often we are put off because we find we have a creative block. We experience creative blocks for various reasons. This we say hinders us in being truly creative. More often than not it is our fears that hold us back. Fears hide behind busyness, and so we blame our busy lives (which we have created or allowed). What are you afraid of? What is the little nagging voice saying to you as you begin your creative project or journey? Don’t listen to it: reach higher towards your dreams. What do you keep yourself busy with? Think about why you are doing the things you do when you desire more from life. We need to live our most real and best life for full enjoyment.  And to enjoy expressing ourselves creatively we need to give ourselves time and fresh inspiration; and tools and skills. Like anything that is worthwhile having we need to push through.  

Let’s begin to look at our creative potential. To do this you, firstly,  need an impartial judge that won’t be too harsh on your tentative beginnings. If you write you need to send the ‘editor’ out the room so that you can truly begin to play.  Ask yourself who makes you feel less than what you know you are or are capable of. We are all capable of having fun and experiencing joy so long as we don’t bring “Kill-Joy” along to our fun-endeavors.    

Do you believe that you can tap into your creativity? Maybe you don’t know how to tap into your unique creativity. Sometimes we keep parts of ourselves hidden and so we are unaware of the great things we can do.  Soon I will discuss how we can be guided in our creativity.

In the mean time think about what might be stopping your creativity,

A warm smile,