Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyday Art: Mandala on a rainy day.

It rained most of the weekend. I love the rain. We went for a picnic to Scarborough Beach (in the Western Cape).

You are probably wondering how we have a picnic in the rain. Well when it rains constantly we just have our picnic in the car and watch the view. When the sun comes out even if it is for 15 mins we get out the car and go for a walk. It doesn't matter to us if we get wet; we will dry again.

This day was like that. I jumped out of the car with my camera and bags for collecting shells, drift wood and stones.... there were so many black mussel shells....

I just had to make a mandala. You might think I have mandalas on the brain and yes in a sense I do...I am preparing for an exhibition and I allow everything that comes into my 'focal point' to inspire me.    

Here is 'me' starting at the center...
First I drew the circle.

 Then I packed the shells...

Here the spiral begins...

These are just a few of the photos that my daughter took of my impromptu shell mandala. I had fun.

I encourage you too to go and have fun and take any opportunity to create from Nature's abundant storehouse of materials and inspiration.


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