Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Friday, March 23, 2012

Expanding on the basic principle of layering

Once I became confident in handling the materials for the layering technique: the podge, serviettes and paints, I tried adding a photograph into the creative mix. I don't know how you like to work, but I like to have a 'loose' plan and at the same I like to give the image lots of scope in order for it to emerge according to impulse and whim. 

What I mean by this is: I had the canvas, the photo, the serviette pieces and some of my favorite colours. In my minds eye I was going to give the little girl long curly hair (like my own) by using the black and white stylized design. As I tore the pieces I dropped them onto my photo and a thought slowly emerged: "It looks like fairly wings. I like all things winged and fairy-like, including insects, so I will make her into a fairy". There was my inspiration. Often my creations are as much a surprise to myself as others. This is what I call the 'playful' process and I find it fun. 

Fairy-girl,  Layered technique on  block canvas, November 2011. 

You might be wondering what is going on in this next piece of art. I say "the meaning is in the eye of the beholder". Go ahead, make of it what you want. This is an example of me taking a technique further and further. I use collage for working with concepts that are fresh in my mind. Here the concepts are Past, Present and is a journey.    

Forest girls, Layered technique on flat canvas, November 2011.

If you want to try this process please bear in mind that it is the journey of the process that you must throw yourself into totally. Try to live in the moment, feel the feelings, whether it is the joy of creating or the frustration of the challenge of creating a new and valuable image out of items that are mundane. The destination then becomes incidental and a surprise: sometimes lovely sometimes not. Enjoy playing in the process. In creativity you have your materials, inspiration, incubation of an idea, intuition to know when to take advantage of mistakes and surprise elements and the conviction of knowing when to stop. But enough said for now. 

I will tell you more later.


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  2. Omigosh...where have you been hiding your gorgeous talent? Truly ye are a garden of secret spices...

  3. Thank you for your comment and compliment, ... yes I have been a bit reticent about showing what I do or who I am in an artistic light. I like the idea of a secret garden of spices...That is an inspiring this space for my personal interpretation ...

    first there is the inspiration, then the incubation, then there is the conception, concentration, frustration, conviction and lastly the destination... here...

    just fooling with words but in all seriousness I do find that an inspiring phrase that I will enjoy working on. :)