Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Saturday, March 17, 2012


 You might have noticed that I have been quiet for five months. I won't be explaining my whereabouts but about one thing I will tell you: Last year, in October, I was invited to go to a workshop: ‘to create is to live’. It was based on a layering technique using collage, paint and other creative processes. I find it important to fill my creative well by doing art and going on other creative workshops; this keeps my creativity alive.

After five happy hours of sticking, painting, 'podging', stamping and stenciling (and a wonderful lunch) My Hands appeared.

Layered Hands.

Happy hands
healing hands
caring hands
reaching hands
lifting hands
holding hands
clapping hands
cold hands
warm hands
wringing hands
human hands
ordinary hands
pretty hands
lovely hands
young hands
 old hands
hands belong to all of us
hands link us together
push us apart
I am held
in the Hand
and you are too
It makes me smile
Knowing that I am Held. 

This technique consists of layers of paint, collaging serviettes  for texture, podge, stamps, and stencils. I felt it was a serendipitous way of creating depth and textures which could then be used for art and image making. It was fun and I felt free to 'play'. I enjoyed being part of the group instead of facilitating a group.

Moving from left to right shows the different stages of building up the layers.
In my next blog I will show you my own interpretations of using this new technique.

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  1. I really like your hands picture that you did. I like the colours and the patterns, to me it looks very feminine.