Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Questions of an artistic kind

The next day, after the workshop, my mind did what most creative minds do: it brainstormed many options and became saturated with questions and ideas such as: 

  • what if I created a marbled look using string dipped in black ink as one of my layers?

Marbled butterfly, ink, craft acrylics and glitter glue.

  • What if I drew my own paisley design to collage onto my canvas for textures?

Girl in the gateway, inks, acrylic paint and serviettes.

  • What if I add string and serviette textures and then look for an image, much the same way as when you look for images in clouds? And lastly to enhance the image so that it becomes the foreground I added dry glitter and glue glitter. This makes the butterfly pop out.

  • What if I texture with a mixture of recycled paper and serviettes, then stick stars on as a stencil and sponge over a template to create a negative design?

And so that day become my artists 'play' date. I had the freedom to try out all my ideas. It is good to try out even the 'silly' ideas because that is how one learns: what works, what doesn't and how to create something new out of mistakes. The more you try the more you have experienced the more you know how to achieve what you ultimately want.

Next time I will show you how applied what I learnt to making images, covering journals, etc. 

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