Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conceptual journaling: memories of 'mermaid playing'.

Sometimes childhood memories remind me of what I use to like doing. What we think of as childish play can be a clue to new inspiration for recreational and creative endeavors; they inspire new ways of creating and being for me. I am sure you can think back to some of the favourite places where you have liked being. One of my favourite places was the sea where the warm Indian Ocean ran. I could stay in the water for hours. A lot of my friends had surfboards. I had a lilo. This did not deter me from enjoying myself. I use to float around on the water pretending I was a mermaid riding a seahorse: 

my wonderful world -
warm fluid water enveloping my being; 
turquoise glass stretching to meet cloud and sky, 
salty translucence magnifying the under-world.

Free Sun-Princes, Acrylic Inks and pen, by Morag Noffke, 29.10.08


I am curious like a cat with night vision for the dark. I have whiskers for intuition; it’s good for the journey on which I embark. Cats are peaceful, content, proud and individual. On my head I wear the Sun-Princess crown and I am free to be me.

My butterfly wings are a sign of transformation; like from pupa to butterfly transmuting, is the psyche from one level to the next. There is a time to bleed and a time to need. Emotions merging like water colours, and emanating like translucent light. My wings carry me in flight to places without traces, like vanishings: once hidden, once appearing at will.

I have a mermaid’s tail, moving, propelling me forward, upward and downward; this way and that, exploring the darker depths with my strong fleshy tail. It is flexible and long; has scales both to protect and delight, a beautiful boundary hidden out of sight.

My tail is not like the pupa’s corset holding the tender, delicate, fragile, vulnerable worm. It is not rigid or cynical, looking on with scorn; keeping the princess in the tower with her insolent glower. Its mythical nature tells of its traveling journeys in joy and in sorrow; collecting wisdom. 

I have my crown, my cat's eyes and whiskers; my butterfly wings and mermaid's tail. I am a curious cat with a muscular tail, willing to fly and merge with the air; willing to swim in the dark and dare. During the day, with delight I stay and in the glorious sun I play.   

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