Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Monday, August 8, 2011

Overlooked but not forgotten.

My apologies… I have become flustered as possibly I have been too ambitious for a beginner blogger; taking on two blogs at once. Somebody said to me the other day that she thought I had too many irons in the fire and so I have become, so to speak: distracted… preoccupied… engrossed… or otherwise engaged with life and my other interests. My attention has been diverted.

Don’t think that Artist’s Guild has been put out of my head or that I have become confused, muddled or disturbed. I am simply finding my way, slowly.

Here is a poem I wrote on 05.07.11about walking a labyrinth; I also think it is a lovely metaphor for life.

Walking in square circles.
as I walked I thought
'so quick and easy' but
Just as life is... it is not that way
I found myself criss-crossing
zigzagging on my way

inch by inch

another thought entered
as I walked the folding corners of the circle
overlapping this way and that:
'I know where I am going... I think... this is taking time'
life's just like that and that’s a fact!

inch by inch

I meet up with an 'other'
for a while our paths travel abreast
walking a quiet connectedness side by side 
then going our separate ways
only to meet up again later

inch by inch

traveling along ways i don’t anticipate
I feel like I am turning away from my destination
the path seems to be going in the wrong direction
'I am lost!' begins to disorientate
but the path is ahead of me all the way

inch by inch

I feel like I am close to the end
when actually I've just stepped into the circle
following the many folds
a journey of a thousand 'noticings'
is like waking up:
first noticing so much detail
leaves, feathers & drawing pin
then noticing my surroundings,
the court yard that I'm in
again noticing the 'others',
inevitably on their own way

inch by inch

for a while traveling faster
but then again winding
my way at a slow pace
to stay on the path

inch by inch

Living life as it comes
living with surprising turns
on my own
having the confidence
that this is the way
following the path
wherever it goes (inch by inch)

life and it's many layered pathway
can be confusing
can feel futile
so I just do what I must do (inch by inch)

putting one step in front of another
the path will emerge
as it is laid out before me

there is no hurry
slowly slowly on my way
walking in square circles.

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