Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Friday, August 26, 2011

Conceptual Journaling: working with dreams

2010 Journal entry, Geese: Pen, highlighter and pencil crayon, by Morag Noffke.

Dreams are important to me. I like allowing the symbolism of dreams to 'speak' to me. Once after dreaming of geese I did some research to find out about geese. I identified with many of their characteristics which I then illustrated in drawing and writing. This is an example of one of many journal entries which I made during the time of pondering the topic of geese.

In the same year I also dreamed of a golden nest which I found to be both inspiring and encouraging; helping me to be expectant of new things. I work through things, such as dreams, by painting, drawing and writing about them.

2010 Journal entry, The Golden Nest: water colour, acrylics, oil pastel gold glitter glue and gold ink, by Morag Noffke.

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