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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Conceptual Journaling

Invitation in...

You may be wondering what ‘Conceptual journaling’ is.  It is my term for conceptualizing my ideas, my processing of experiences, thoughts and feelings, through art, prose and poetry.  ‘Conceptual journaling’ is visual journaling and poetry journaling combined. I often use metaphors and symbols.

My processing and conceptualizing includes psycho-spiritual elements. While the word ‘conceptual’ refers to ideas and logic, psycho-spiritual refers to: the emotional, thoughts & behaviours, conscious & subconscious (psycho); and meaning, subjective, intuitive & supernatural (spiritual).  

Spiritual beliefs are personal. I hope my personal beliefs won’t overshadow the manner in which I present my conceptual journaling or get in the way of potential viewing and dialogue. Many of my symbols are both personal and universal so I think it could appeal to a wide audience.

I find this process is a personal and meaningful approach. It is most often a solitary journey and it appeals to me as I like spending time on my own. My motivation for showing you my journaling is that sometimes I would like to share who I am to others. I choose carefully what I share with you as some topics are private and not to be shown to anyone therefore I will either display whole books or sections thereof which I will then link together in categories.

I invite you into my world of conceptual journaling...

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