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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everyday Art

Inspired to give it my all; by playing everyday 

I don't know about you, but I tend to take myself and life too seriously, at times, when I actually should let go and be. One way of being, for me, is to 'play.' So it is with caution that I share these two recent pieces of inspiration; I want to qualify it by saying that I would like to learn to focus my creative energy and play with child-like gusto. It is in the balance of work and play that talents and skills are developed. 

I have been inspired by the book Becoming a writer, written by  Dorothea Brande (1934). She encourages one to write everyday just after waking and before getting on with the daily activities. This is often the time when one is between dreaming and waking; here dreams are readily remembered .She says this is a good time to tap into the creative center of the brain. It helps to draw the creative juices out of the well; the more you do the more steadily the flow pulses. 

Soon afterwards, I read a quote by Ira Glass on (6 Aug 2011) which has inspired me to, as Ira puts it, "do a lot of work". I have decided to commit to practicing my artistic skill (which I have neglected for quite a while) regularly throughout each week. It could be sketching or painting that I will do, just as I already practice my writing.

I think there are many of us ‘mere mortals’ who feel that sharing one’s creativity with others is too intimidating, that we would be seen to be showing off or that we are not good enough. This site is to encourage others and inspire, not by showing how good we are, but that we grow by trying. 
The creative muse visits us and inspires us one way or the other: art, writing, and poetry, music…dance…drama…craft…etc. When we are visited we should not disrespect her by fobbing off these inspirations; but with child-like gusto we should begin our play. As a friend said, "don't try to be perfectionistic.

So I will be 'playing everyday' doing a lot of art and I look forward  to sharing some of my 'works' soon. 

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