Iona, Scotland. Photo taken by Morag Noffke

Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Art: A warm winter's day

Size: 17cm X 8.5cm
Pen and Watercolour

In this little painting
I have tried to capture a sense of warmth and brightness.
As I mentioned in my profile 

I like to communicate through the creative medium.
I enjoy winter because here in the Cape the weather can be quite changeable: cold, windy and wet, sometimes stormy, 

and at other times the days can be warm and sunny.
 A warm winter’s day has a soft glow about it.
While I love the storms and the rain
 the sunny days are my favourite,
they make me feel good;
warm right down into the centre of my being.

What type of weather do you like?
Tell me why.

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