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Monday, August 15, 2011

Everyday Art: A rainy-day poem

I thought I would share one of my poems with you as it shows the other side of my enjoyment of weather.
I like communicating with written words; and especially using words that I make up.

I love the Rain.  11.07.08

Some people say:
"Wetting clothes,
Getting cold...
Cold seeping through to the bones,
Bones creaking to a halt,
Freezing cheer,
Wheezing chest...
I hate the Rain!

I love the rain.
It is a comforting sound,
Hearing it pelt against the pain,
Feeling cocooned against the cold.
The bidding call of the Olive thrush,
Synonymous with rainy seclusion,
Adds to my appreciation.
I love the rain.

This is the rain.
I see it puddling across the garden,
Pouring down from the Heavens.
A roaring sound dying away
To a spittering glitter at play:
A patch of sun.
A dash of fun.
This is the rain.


What do you think of my words:
Puddling and  spittering?

Here is my explanation: Puddling is the verb for a puddle growing bigger or many puddles forming. Pittering is a smaller version of pattering, just at the ‘i’ is a smaller shape than the ‘a’ shape. Think of pitter patter little raindrops (the sound of rain) and mix with splitter splatter little raindrops (the feeling of the rain) and you get my word spittering which is a tiniest wet soundless sound (the opposite of a roar). J

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